Towac Park grass fire has four fire trucks called to rail corridor

Four fire trucks were dispatched to put out a grass fire in the rail corridor along the train tracks near Towac Park just after noon on Tuesday. 

No property was damaged in the fire, which was less than an acre in size, but the grass blaze was close to back fences of properties along Canobolas Road. 

The Rural Fire Service responded to a call-out at 12.12pm and the blaze was extinguished quickly, with four trucks sent in case of strong winds whipping up the flames, which could have spread to dry vegetation in the area. 

RFS Canobolas Zone operations manager Brett Bowden said firefighters were still trying to figure out how the blaze was lit, with no trains nearby to cause any sparks and the rail corridor set behind houses. 

Wentworth Golf Club had a legal pile burn on Tuesday which Mr Bowden said may have “kicked up” rogue embers, but said the RFS didn’t yet know what caused the fire. 

Mr Bowden re-iterated that the ground and soil is still very dry, with last week’s rain not enough to reduce dangerous fire conditions, which were causing 10-12 call-outs every week to the RFS to properties who lost control of burn-offs.

While the fire danger period doesn’t start until October 1, people burning off still need to inform neighbours and the RFS of planned burns at least 24 hours in advance. 

This week will be warm, with strong winds of nearly 50km/h forecast for Thursday.