Magistrate warns Tailford one more driving offence means jail

LEGISLATION has saved an Orange man from jail after he was caught driving while disqualified.

Darryle Lee Tailford, 25, of Jaeger Avenue, faced Orange Local Court on Monday for his ninth and 10th charges. 

According to police, officers were outside an Agland Crescent house on November 14 just after 7.30pm when a white Holden Commodore pulled into the driveway. 

Police saw Tailford exit the driver’s side – Tailford told them he would not drive the car and a woman had driven him before leaving for work in another vehicle. 

When police told him he was the only person spotted in the car, he did not respond. 

The second incident occurred on February 20 when police spotted a white Ford Falcon towing a green Holden Commodore with a rope.

Police said Tailford was in the Commodore’s driver’s seat and stopped the convoy. 

Tailford told police a friend needed to move the car or it would be towed and no one else was available to help. 

The first offence occurred just eight days after the court disqualified Tailford until 2034 for a July offence. 

Solicitor John Song said Tailford would complete the traffic offenders intervention program.

“He admits the pattern of behaviour that every time he hits rock bottom, he isolates himself in his car,” he said. 

Mr Song said his client had made progress, having declined his partner’s request for a lift to hospital and asking his mother. 

Magistrate David Day said the last good behaviour bond Tailford received wasn’t enough.

“He committed the same offence twice,” he said.

“Why does he need a car, or am I being too simplistic?”

But he said NSW Parliament’s changes to penalties saved him from jail but it was his last chance.

“None of us using the road lawfully know how safe it is when Darryle’s driving,” he said. 

He replaced the six-month bond for the July offence with a 12-month bond and handed down intensive corrections orders of 16 months and 12 months for the fresh charges. 

Tailford will have to complete 32 hours of community service a month and has been disqualified another three years.