Trow given bonds for assault, property damage

A WOMAN has been placed on good behaviour bonds in Orange Local Court after cutting a man’s forehead and breaking his glasses.

The two-year bond for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and a six-month bond for destroying property followed an incident on April 7 when an argument started between the pair at an Amaroo Crescent house.

Police said during the dispute, Amy Leigh Trow, 26, hit the man about the head several times, with one punch leaving a cut above his left eyebrow.

She also pulled the man’s glasses from his face, bent one arm and pulled the other off. 

Solicitor Peter Ringbauer said his client suffered an anxiety attack and could not recall causing the injury.

“They’ve never had a falling out of this nature,” he said.

Mr Ringbauer said his client had no prior matters of violence and asked magistrate David Day to deal with the charge without penalty.

Mr Day said her only prior conviction was for larceny but the latest offences were serious.

“They were aggravated by the fact that the offences were committed in the presence of a child,” he said.