'Your driving record is appalling': drink-driver six times the legal limit jailed

FOX Avenue man Clinton Robert Costello will spend the next nine months in prison after he drove with a blood-alcohol reading six times the legal limit and crashed his car into an electricity pole in Anson Street. 

The crash occurred at about 10.40am on July 6 last year.

Police facts said a witness watched Costello drive his car down Anson Street on the wrong side of the road. It then clipped a gutter before hitting the pole.

On impact it became airborne and hit a parked utility with such force it caused it to move forward about three metres and hit a blue Toyota Camry. 

Costello was unconscious, due to his high blood-alcohol level, when emergency services arrived and he had to be cut from the vehicle.

Days after the crash, he was interviewed by police who said Costello told them he had not had anything to drink, other than one bottle of wine, two days before the incident. 

His blood-alcohol reading was 0.320. 

Costello appeared in Orange Local Court yesterday in front of relieving magistrate, David Day, who said Costello had a range of previous alcohol-related offences. 

“At least you have the courage to accept you have a problem with alcohol,” he said. 

“In general Mr Costello, you have a bad record.

“Your driving record is appalling.”

Police facts said Costello showed no remorse for the crash and admitted he lived opposite “one of the busiest schools in Orange”.

Costello’s solicitor Mason Manwaring said his client was lucky he did not injure himself or others.

Mr Manwaring said the 32-year-old had engaged with various alcohol rehabilitation services and had taken medication to stop him drinking. 

“This man suffers the terrible effects of alcohol addiction,” Mr Manwaring said. 

Costello had been sent to jail previously for seven months on other charges. 

“He wants to remain at liberty in any possible way,” Mr Manwaring said. 

However, Mr Day said Costello’s actions posed a danger to the community.

He was sentenced to 18 months in jail with a nine-month non-parole period and 12 months’ disqualification from driving.  A breath alcohol ignition interlock device, a breathalyser, must also be fitted to his car for four years.