Friday's police pursuit ends in bonds

A MAN who led police on a high-speed pursuit along a dirt road has been warned he will “drive himself to jail” unless he changes his habits.

Jesse Wayne Zelukovic, of Baker Street Spring Hill, faced Orange Local Court via video link after he was arrested on Friday night, charged with police pursuit and driving dangerously, as well as never being licensed.

According to police, officers were patrolling Forest Road at Spring Hill just after 9pm when they spotted the 29-year-old’s silver Subaru Impreza travelling east before turning onto Beasley Road.

Police signalled Zelukovic to stop, but he accelerated away, travelling faster than 100km/h.

Police pursued, but when Zelukovic turned onto the unsealed Blunt Road and maintained high speeds, they terminated the chase due to wet conditions.

However, the Impreza broke down less than a kilometre away, and Zelukovic was arrested.

Solicitor Gerry Stapleton entered pleas of guilty on behalf of his client.

“He admits he saw police and, quite simply, he panicked,” he said.

“To use his words, he wasn’t thinking straight and it was a stupid thing to do.”

Zelukovic had been on bail for driving unlicensed and possessing knives in the early hours of July 7 where police searched the Impreza in McLachlan Street and found a fishing knife and a machete. 

Magistrate David Day gave Zelukovic four good behaviour bonds ranging from three months to two years. 

He also disqualified him for two years, saying Zelukovic needed to set an example for his two sons.

“They would have worked out that Daddy wasn’t home for the weekend,” he said. 

“If you keep doing it, you will drive yourself to jail.” 

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