Car park abuse

WHILE waiting to park my car at the Coles quick car park I was abused by two people because apparently the person leaving the spot I was waiting for was not leaving quick enough, and as a consequence I was holding up traffic! I drove off and went to the undercover parking as I was terrified. I understand that there could be frustration having to wait, as I was waiting too, but is it really necessary to abuse someone?

I have never experienced such impatience in my life. I was scared, as one of the people who approached me was quite a large man, covered in facial piecings and was swearing abuse at me.

I ran into this same man at Coles and, even though he didn't say anything to me then, I broke down in tears.

There was a  lovely customer, and staff member by the name of Trish at the register, who were very supportive and helpful.

 I am just so disgusted at the level rudeness, lack of respect and manners that some people have. I'm a 42-year-old woman, imagine if this was an elderly person.

Why do some people think they have the right to do this?  Please, if it is you who is reading this, or you are guilty of doing this in the past, think about how your actions can affect people.

 Name supplied but withheld on request


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