Mooning police on highway lands man fines in court

Orange Court House

Orange Court House

A man who stopped while crossing Summer Street and pulled down his pants to bare his buttocks and moon a police car has been fined.

Jayden Wilson, 22, of Friendship Place, was fined $660 in Orange Local Court on Monday for behaving in an offensive manner by mooning the police.

Magistrate David Day also fined Wilson $110 for obstructing a police vehicle and $110 for refusing to comply with a direction by police.

“I think Mr Wilson was too far into his cups,” Mr Day said.

Mr Day said police reported Wilson to be intoxicated and unsteady on his feet.

“He’s offered a lift home by police and declined saying, ‘I can walk home’,” he said.

“He walked in front of a pedestrian crossing and exposed his posterior. 

“A highly intoxicated person has just left a licensed premises, that’s what worries me.”   

Wilson was sentenced in his absence after sending the court a written plea of guilty.

“That brown-eye, that’s the big one,” Mr Day said in regard to how he should sentence Wilson.

“I know nothing from his antecedent other than he likes a drink.”

According to police facts, police were patrolling Summer Street at 1.10am on July 8 and saw Wilson standing in the middle of the road outside a hotel.

Police said he appeared to be “highly intoxicated”, was unsteady on his feed and was becoming increasingly agitated.

They offered him a lift home but he said he would walk and walked towards the Salvation Army store on the corner of Peisley Street.

While the police car was stopped at a red traffic light at the intersection, he crossed back in front of it and pulled down his trousers and underwear.