Joel Everett labels Turnbull ousting 'embarrassing'

FRIDAY’S leadership spill between Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop was bittersweet for voter Joel Everett.

The former Orange City Council candidate said he usually voted Labor and thought the week’s events would help pave the way for a Shorten victory at the next federal poll.

But the small comfort did not affect his attitude to the behaviour.

“That shouldn’t be happening, it’s embarrassing whichever side you stand on, to have leaders of your country only thinking about themselves,” he said. 

He said politicians needed to remember they were in parliament to represent the Australian people and the victorious leader after an election should be allowed to contest the next.

“It’s changed people’s attitude to the major parties because it’s happening on both sides – people are finding it very difficult to make a choice,” he said. 

“You find a lot of younger voters are going for the lesser-known parties.”

Asked what he thought of the choice of leader, he did not think Mr Morrison was the logical conclusion.

“I actually thought Julie Bishop would have won, just because she’s been there longer,” he said.


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