Let’s add splash of colour to the Colour City: Artist calls for more public art | Video, photos

The man responsible for one of Orange’s few pieces of public art has called for blank walls in the city to be used for murals.

Illustrator and commercial artist Sonny Day has just finished painting a cycling-themed mural on a wall in Post Office Lane and said it should be the start of a public art program for the city.

“We should get artists from Sydney and Melbourne to come and add a splash of colour to the Colour City,” he said.

He said local artists should also be involved in painting murals.

Mr Day said the mural, which was organised by the Orange City Council and funded by a state government cycling-awareness grant, had been well received.

“The response has been so amazing, people have been so encouraged.

“We are discussing doing some more.”

He said he took a week to complete the work.

“I lost a whole day talking to people, everybody walking past was very complimentary,” he said.

“I’m looking at it as a way to get public art around town.

“We have so many spaces we could put public art around town.

“There is an opportunity to strike while the iron’s hot.”

Mr Day, who has also painted public art in Sydney and the United States, said it was his 20th wall.

“I’d love the opportunity to do more.”

Deputy Mayor Cr Joanne McRae said she supported the idea.

“I think this would be quite good if it was local artists who could showcase their talents,” she said.

“I’d love see some youth programs.”

Cr McRae said established artists from outside Orange should mentor local artists to ensure the project was sustainable.

She said the community should be surveyed to see what type of art they would like to see around town.

Orange Regional Art Gallery director Brad Hammond also backed Mr Day’s call.

“Absolutely, I support public art, it’s a way of engaging the community and making city space more creative,” he said.

“It’s very popular around the world.”

Mr Hammond said there was also merit in established artists working with local artists as it built “new connections”.