Reality shock: Students to see the horrific outcomes of drugs and bad driving | Photos

Thousands of Orange students will be confronted with the horrific reality of drug use and bad driving at two major sessions later this year.

In August or September about 3000 students from years 10, 11 and 12, and possibly earlier years, will attend the Ice Not Once Not Ever program over two days at the Orange Function Centre.

Paul Cox of the Orange North Rotary Club, which is running the event, said speakers, including an ex-drug addict, police and a paramedic, would detail the consequences of taking the drug ice.

A few weeks later year 11 and 12 students will attend the police-run Consequences program where actors portray a graphic car crash scene to highlight the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving.

Dates have not yet been set for the two events.

Mr Cox said the drug program was aimed at being a deterrent.

“It arms the kids with the ability to say ‘no thank you’ if someone offers them ice,” he said.

“Our goal in the program is if we can deter one student from doing this [taking ice] then we believe we’ve had a good outcome.”

He said ice was highly addictive and difficult to get off.

“Ours is a pro-active approach,” he said.

Mr Cox said it was likely the speakers would include a police officer who specialised in the drugs area, a paramedic who would explain what it was like to deal with an ice user, and an ex-addict who could give a first-hand experience of what drug use does to you, your family and friends.

He said the program was last run three years ago in Orange.

Central West Police District crime manager Detective Inspector Bruce Grassick said the Consequences program, likely to be staged at the Naylor Pavilion in September-October, was aimed at students getting their driving licence.

“It is quite confronting in regards to a mock car crash. The students actually physically will see the blood,” he said.

“We do that for a reason. It relates to driving with a mobile phone and not concentrating. It has horrific consequences.”

He said the Consequences program would be adapted from a program that ran in Parkes.

Mr Grassick said actors would portray the actions leading up to the crash and the consequences of it.