Brothers in arms: Robertson boys, Knox bringing special cause to Orange

FOUR OF A KIND: The Robertson brothers, together at the inaugural BrothersIVBrothers weekend. They bring their cause to Orange this year. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
FOUR OF A KIND: The Robertson brothers, together at the inaugural BrothersIVBrothers weekend. They bring their cause to Orange this year. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

Saturday, July 14 – mark that date down in your diary because that’s when, together with Knox Old Boys Rugby Club, the Robertson brothers – Bryn, Jason and Scott – bring the BrothersIVBrothers cause to Orange.

Formed in 2012 and continued since in honour of Lachlan Robertson and Tim Cussell – who passed away from esophageal and bowel cancer, respectively – BrothersIVBrothers has raised more than half a millions dollars for Sydney’s Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

This year BrothersIVBrothers is expanding to include regional NSW, to try and help improve the quality of life of cancer patients in Orange and the central west.

“This year we’re partnering with Orange Emus to raise money, the beneficiaries will be Western Care Lodge, run by Cancer Care Western NSW, and the Clinical Trial Program at the Orange hospital,” Bryn Robertson explained.

“The sustainability of these high-quality, leading-edge programs relies on charitable donations as a major source of ongoing funding, so we’re really pleased to be able to come to Orange.”

That’s where every dollar raised on July 14 will go and, incredibly, the amount raised already eclipses $30,000, almost two months out from the weekend.

The day itself will include a Knox Old Boys Legends versus Orange Emus Legends charity game, for the Lachlan Robertson Memorial Cup, before Emus’ top grade takes on the Cowra Eagles under lights at Endeavour Oval.

It continues into the night with monster raffles, auctions, an after-match function and a concert of sorts, all at Emus’ clubhouse.

“Lachlan loved his footy, he was playing first XV at Knox Old Boys and won two premierships while he was at the club. He was 33 when he was diagnosed and, while we didn’t want to believe it, he certainly was terminally ill,” Bryn said, passionately telling the story to FoxSports last year.

“When Lachlan was going through his chemotherapy treatment for the first time we sort of hatched this idea of having a final opportunity to play rugby together,” Jason Robertson added.

“In addition to that another chap named Tim Cussell, who was already sick, had a relationship with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse so we had the idea of not only getting together and having a personal day with Lach and the brothers but also raising some money.

“That day, that first game, [Lachlan] actually checked himself out of the hospital so that he could get to the game and it culminated in that special, special moment when he ran on, we had a tunnel of thousands,” Bryn said.

“The original idea was to raise 10 or $15,000, that first year we actually raised over $100,000. He actually passed away a week before the second game, but I know he was very proud that we were going to continue on and keep doing it.”

It’s something that Emus president Steve Fergus says his club “couldn’t be prouder” to be a part of.

“It’s an amazing cause, we couldn’t be happier or prouder to be on board, we jumped at the chance,” Fergus said.

“To see all the funds be donated locally to help make a real difference in this area is a great initiative. The services at the Orange hospital and Western Care Lodge help patients across our whole region, so it’s also great to have such a strong community club like Cowra involved as well.

“We can’t wait, hopefully the entire community gets behind it.”

Entry to the after-game functions, from 7pm, will require a ticket, which can be purchased for $40 – to cover band costs and a small donation – from

“Get in quick, tickets are selling like hotcakes,” Bryn said.