STOP PRESS: Eggs the ideal ingredient for your own meals on wheels

THE HEAT IS ON: Tightly wrap an egg in aluminium foil and put the package in a hot location in your engine bay. Photo: CONTRIBUTED
THE HEAT IS ON: Tightly wrap an egg in aluminium foil and put the package in a hot location in your engine bay. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

THE popular ABC TV comedy panel show ‘Would I lie to You?’ features two teams headed by David Mitchell and Lee Mack who try to hoodwink each other with absurd facts and plausible lies about themselves.

The other night Mitchell claimed he went to a railway station in a taxi and because his train was cancelled the taxi driver cooked an egg on the engine and made him a sandwich while he was waiting.

After other members of the panel ridiculed his claim, he admitted it was a lie and never happened.

But in a new meaning for fast food or meals on wheels, did you know you can turn your car into a kitchen and cook sausages or an egg on your Ford or Mazda’s engine.

And how do you do it? Tightly wrap an egg in a pocket of aluminium foil and put the package in a hot location in your engine bay like under rubber hoses or, if you can safely get there, near the exhaust manifold.

Secure it with some wire and drive until your meal is cooked, which is likely to require some trial and error but usually around 50 kilometres. Use tongs to get it out otherwise you’ll burn your fingers.

So all you la-di-da My Kitchen Rules TV chefs, eat your heart out. But a word of advice: There’s more conventional ways for less-adventurous people to cook up a snack.

Would I lie to you?


THE posh Sydney restaurants have ditched spaghetti bolognese because they say it’s outdated and doesn’t suit our changing tastes.

Have you ever heard such culinary snobbery?

The Restaurant and Catering Australia CEO reckons declining sales of spag bol and subsequent menu changes are simply a reflection of preferences.

Another chef said the dish was an “Aussie idea about what an Italian dish might be…”Tutte sciocchezze! Or, that's a load of rubbish.

Orange promotes itself as some sort of food capitol so you’d think our tastes generally should be a bit upmarket but a supermarket survey found people ate on rotation an average of only five different dishes with old favourite staple spaghetti bolognese the most popular.

It was followed by a roast, stir fries and casseroles because we find them easy to prepare.So do we lack inspiration in the kitchen? It seems so.

Are we stuck in a repeat meal rut? Looks like it.

Are we eating the same meals we did 10 years ago? Apparently yes.

Are we into Maccas or KFC a few times a week? Probably.

Or are Orange people more adventurous than all that? Probably not.

But, anyhow, what’s wrong with spaghetti bolognese?


REMEMBER those silent cops in the middle of intersections that you had to drive around when making a right turn?

The yellow domes were first used 97 years ago in 1921 but became redundant when diamond turns were introduced in the 1970s and the council took most of them out.

But at some intersections where drivers love to cut corners, silent cops all these years later would be a godsend, Orange driver Norm Wilson reckons.

He says he’s sick of people cutting corners and almost wiping him out, particularly in the narrower streets in residential areas.

“Bring back the silent cops,” Norm says. “That’d stop ‘em.”


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