Kwagga Smith dreaming of gold medal and Springboks debut

South African rugby sevens player Kwagga Smith will seek to go to the Commonwealth Games in the sevens and become a Springbok in the 15-man game all within the same year.

In Sydney for the Sydney Sevens this weekend, Smith splits his time between playing in the Sevens World Series for South Africa and for the Lions in the Super Rugby competition.

"For me the 15-man is my next goal, there's a 2019 World Cup coming up, so for me that's why I play Super Rugby, to get myself to get there, and give myself a chance to become a Springbok," said Smith.

"I will be available for the Commonwealth Games, if I get chosen hopefully I am back here sooner than later and it actually works out quite nice because the Commonwealth Games is on an off weekend for the Lions for Super Rugby."

Smith believes that playing both the 15 and seven-man games compliment each other, and credits both formats in making him the player he is today.

"It complements each other, sevens helps when you go to 15s and 15s help when you come to sevens, so all in all it makes you a better rugby player," said Smith.

"I think you bring your physicality from 15-man, but then also you take your speed and your vision and your agility from the sevens to the 15-man; it benefits you there."

South Africa has enjoyed a successful start to the Sevens World Series, winning in Dubai, and taking the bronze at home in Cape Town, and Smith said the team were looking to produce their best this weekend.

"I think we can feel confident, but we must use our abilities and the training that we have done before this tournament to take us through," said Smith

Although they are not in the same pool, Smith tipped that the Australian team would make an impact in front of the home crowd.

"I think Australia's truly a team with great potential and there's a lot of young players coming through," said Smith.

"I think for their own tournament, for them it's obviously a great opportunity for them to show their home crowd and to show what's in them."

"They're a team that never stops working and I must say in sevens that's really a great thing because some of the teams might put up a few points and they think it's good enough, but in sevens anything can happen in two minutes so for them, they're really a great, hard-working team."

This story Kwagga Smith dreaming of gold medal and Springboks debut first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.