Disqualified driver arrested after not showing up to court

Orange Court House. FILE PHOTO
Orange Court House. FILE PHOTO

A woman whose driver’s licence was disqualified, refused to stop for police until she got her family and car back to her house. 

Amelia Joan Lucas, 37, of Bert Whiteley Place, was charged with driving while disqualified after leading police through the streets of Orange on September 29, 2017.

On December 14, she was granted bail after being arrested on a warrant for failing to attend Orange Local Court on October 20 in regard to the matter.

Magistrate David Day said it was the third time Lucas had been charged with an offence such as driving while disqualified and he gave her a 12-month good behaviour bond and disqualified her from driving for a further 12 months.

When she was caught driving in September, Lucas was disqualified from driving from April 3, 2012 until April 3, 2023.