Classic’s open to more: Eight day games to expand competition format

It’s been around for nearly half a century, but the Orange Eight Day Games isn’t resting on its laurels ahead of another bumper edition of the classic colour city sporting event this November.

Jason Lyne

Jason Lyne

The brainchild of a number of the games’ long serving committee members like Jason Lyne and David Howe, this year’s Eight Day Games will be catering for participants with a disability.

As is the case for the men’s and women’s fields, there are limited positions available, but Lyne said the idea behind the move is community driven.

“We are a community event and want to further expand to cater for additional competitors with a disability,” he said.

“Whilst in the past we have had a couple of competitors with disabilities compete it hasn't been widely pushed, or a conscious thing for us to do.

“Competitors will be able to compete in a variety of our sports and activities with restrictions, if required, in what will be an annual competition with the hope of inclusion for more members of our community.”

Lyne said competitors with any form of disability are being encouraged to join this year’s event, which is fresh of celebrating its 40th anniversary last year.

The long-time secretary of the event said modifications to sports will help participants enjoy the 2017 games.

“The main thing is competitors must have an intellectual age of 18, which lines with being over the age of 18 for the king and queen of sport competitions,” he added.

“They won't have to compete in every event, they can nominate the events prior to competition they want to have a go at and we'll modify a few so they aren't as challenging, some of the events they won't be able to do but we’ll do our best.

“It’s all new for us but we can give it a go and see how it works.”

Registration is this Saturday, September 16.

Fees for this year’s event are set at $50 for the competitors with disabilities and $100 for anyone wanting to take on the king and queen challenges.

Registration will open at 8.30am, and close at 10am, at the Royal Hotel, Orange.

This year’s games will run between November 18 and 25. If anyone requires any further information about any aspects of the competition please contact Jason Lyne on 0409 822 334.