Three more incidents: Dog to be put down after biting child on scooter

DOG owners have not heeded warnings from last week following an attack on Canobolas Rural Technology High School’s sheep, with three more incidents involving dogs during the weekend and one dog to be put down. 

Orange City Council’s rangers were called out to deal with the incidents.

Council spokesman Nick Redmond said in two cases, dogs were reported for chasing livestock on farms just outside of town.

“A bull mastiff retriever cross was seen chasing cattle and a kelpie was reported at a different location for chasing sheep,” he said.

Mr Redmond said in both cases, the ranger was able to catch the dog and the owners faced control orders and fines.

“When a dog gets excited and starts to chase livestock that run away, it’s lucky that in these two cases none of the livestock were injured,” he said.

“In terms of the law, what happened is an incident that is still punishable.”

Mr Redmond said the third incident involved a dog escaping from its yard at a suburban address.

“[He] rushed at and bit a young boy riding his scooter,” he said.

“When the boy jumped from his bike and ran away, the dog bit him again.”

The dog involved has been surrendered by its owner and will be euthanised.

“These incidents, in the wake of the much more serious attack at Canobolas High point to the serious need for owners to make sure their dogs are securely locked in a yard at all times, or tied up so that they can’t escape,” Mr Redmond said.

“It’s a tragedy for all involved when an incident like this happens, and a family pet has to be put down or a child suffers from a bite. 

“Our focus has always got to be on community safety, to make sure a dog is always under control.”

Two Staffordshire terrier crosses were put down last week after they attacked the high school’s flock.

Fifteen sheep, two alpacas and two goats were killed or needed to be euthanised due to their wounds.

The dogs’ owner surrendered them on Wednesday afternoon and fines and court action are under consideration.

A pet alpaca and goat were killed in the same 24-hour period at a nearby farm, although the responsible dogs remain unconfirmed.

Farm owner Margaret Skelton said people needed to be responsible.

“Years and years ago we had friends and they had grandchildren, and the dog bit the grandchild and they had it put down straight away because they couldn’t have a dog biting a child,” she said.

“Animals can turn like that.”

If an animal poses a risk, residents are encouraged to call the council’s 24-hour assistance line on 1300 650 511.


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