Bridge club celebrates its 30th anniversary | Photos

Thirty years after the first decks were shuffled, Orange Bridge Club is continuing to gain members as new retirees sign up.

The club celebrated its milestone anniversary with a lunch and game of bridge on Sunday.

Orange Bridge Club president Piers Bannatyne said the club had less than 100 players when it formed but now has 180 members. 

Mr Bannatyne said the club formed when members of the Molong Orange Bridge Club decided to start an Orange club, which initially met in the Senior Citizens Centre before the club house was bought and renovated 10 years ago.

“Many of the members are quite competitive, there’s a very competitive element to playing bridge, no money changes hands, it’s not a gambling games, it’s a skills game,” Mr Bannatyne said.

Among those present at the celebration was John Holland who said he has enjoyed the camaraderie at the club for 30 years.

He said although he enjoyed playing bridge it was the people that made him keep coming back.