Nolan’s rolling towards big win

First up this week, we check out the Friday 6pm league where we find that the Star Bowler was Wayne Nolan from Three Torments with 143 over average for the series.

Now to the Monday 10am Triples and the Star Bowler was Stan Turner from Spare Ribs with 127 over average for the series.

And finally for this week, there’s the Monday 7pm Doubles, where the Star Bowler was Nicole Cheney from Daffo-Dils with 107 over average for the series.

Star Bowler of the Week and winner of the Auto Wash, compliments of Pete’s Car Wash, was Wayne Nolan who gave us that great 143 over average for the series.

This week’s High Roller champion and winner of the three free practice games was Wayne Nolan (a double winner) who came up with a dazzling score of 231 (PB).

Other bowlers seeking some rehearsal, Stan Turner 228, Jim Gavin 210, Edward Hoogenboom 224, Jim Hartley 210, Aaron Cantrill 235, Hayden Williams 222, Jordan Clark 235, Ron Forbes 280, Kyle Jones 204, Alicia McFadden 217, David Hayward 222, Ron Quinlan 211, Hayden Swallow 231 and Cathy Southwell 218.

This week’s Almost Made It Hero and winner of the open order from Seven Seas Cafe was Nicole Cheney who scored 148 (PB).

Other bowlers doing well, Finn Dwyer 125 (PB), Alex Malloy-Armitt 129, Paul Heath 161, Carmel Bouffler 146, Sean Connaughton 107, Debbie McKeown 186, Julie Swallow 182, Marilyn Schwenke 198, Maureen Corby 156, Julie Fitzgerald 149, David Jameson 187, Lyn Selwood 162, Heather Fitzpatrick 149, Bob Selwood 189, Kevin Hill 158, Kathleen Death 157, Ian Mitchell 178, Khye Downey 91, Tori Downey 158, Matthew Govier 157, David Piper 181, Brody Jadezak 165, Dominic Barber 127, Lily Smith 141, Milo Lees 108 (PB), Sam O’Halloran 109, Kobe MacDouall 112, Jacob Saric 121, Janine Formby 164, Mervyn Rich 198, Stephen Lees 190 and Ben Lees 199.

The second Female of Note for March and next in line for a chance at the gift certificate from MJ’s All Hair-All Occasions was Nicole Cheney on the strength of her 148 (PB), which was 43 over average and part of her 107 over average for the series.

The second Man of the Moment for March was `Wayne Nolan on the strength of his 231 (PB) which was 87 over average and part of his 143 over average for the series.

Junior of the Week and winner of the Sports Achievement award from Macca’s was Finn Dwyer who scored 125 (PB) which was 32 over average.  


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