Clark a shining star in singles

The first star bowler out of the boxes comes from the Tuesday Sports Singles and was Jordan Clark who scored a stunning 185 over average for the series.

In the Wednesday 6.20pm doubles, the star bowler turned out to be Ron Forbes from R.B.T. with a creditable 148 over average for the series.

And finally for this week, there’s the Monday 6.00pm league, where the star bowler was Brody Jadezak from Jatz Crackers with 102 over average for the series.

Star Bowler of the Week, and winner of the Auto Wash, compliments of Pete’s Car Wash was Jordan Clark who presented us with that great 185 over average for the series.

There was no High Roller champion this week, so the three free practice games remain unawarded, but there were several at least having a go, among them being Paul Chester 206, Edward Hoogenboom 205, Kyle Jones 218, Aaron Cantrill 214, Edith Gowing 205, Marilyn Schwenke 203, Jordan Clark 243, Jason Brown 234, Jacob French 208, Hayden Swallow 266, Tennille Smith 213, Ron Forbes 278, Mal Kay 231, Tony Agland 202, Bevan Bryant 224, David Quinlan 248, Ray Clark 214, John smith 215, Ron Quinlan 205 and Ben Medbury 219.

This week’s Almost Made It Hero and winner of the open order from Seven Seas Cafe was Brody Jadezak who scored 194 which was a personal best.

Others trying for a feed included Chris McConnell 176, Sam O’Halloran 103, Rorrie Warburton 139, Tyler Tatnell 142, Seth Pennings 133,  Hannah McLennan 121, Kimberly Feltus 141, Wayne Nolan 196, Donna Holland 131, Paul Druitt 145, Craig Woodley 182, Katrina O’Connell 177, Carolyn Cox 175.

Other scores: Jenny Solling 130, Wayne Bishop 188, Jim Gavin 163, Ian Mitchell 170, Mervyn Matthews 180, Kathleen Death 156, Doug Marriott 154, Michael Wansey 195, Carli Williams 168, Michael Jadezak 169, Doug Southwell 176, Tegan Gilbey 189 and Frank Sheehan 184.

The first Female of Note for March and first in the queue for a chance at the gift certificate from MJ’s All Hair-All Occasions was Edith Gowing whose score of  205 was 43 over average.

The first Man of the Moment for March and leading the charge for a go at the gift certificate from Guys Cuts the barber was Jordan Clark whose score of 243 was 59 over average and part of his 185 over average for the series.

Junior of the Week and winner of the Hot Shot sports award from Domino’s Pizza was Tyler Tatnell whose score of 142 was 54 over average.