Jacob Kevin Scott Riley-McDonald sentenced to 20 months in jail

A dog killing, girlfriend bashing 'monster' has been sentenced to 20 months’ jail. 

Jacob Kevin Scott Riley-McDonald used violence and a threat of rape to torment his ex-girlfriend after reading a text she had sent to another man last year. 

Magistrate Reg Marron said throughout the three-month relationship he punched the woman, hit her with a pole and golf club, and choked her until she vomited. He also killed the woman's dog, Ruby, and tortured her cat, Charlie. 

Magistrate Marron told the Launceston Magistrate Court on Friday that violent behaviour was not “uncharacteristic” for the Ravenswood man. The 25-year-old father has a history of violence dating back many years.

In 2013 Riley-McDonald forced his then-partner onto her hands and knees, kicked her to the ribs four times, pushed his foot “forcibly” onto her spine and choked her until she lost consciousness. He was charged with two counts of assault in January 2015. 

Magistrate Marron said when sentencing Riley-McDonald he took into consideration the man’s Aboriginal heritage, family background, previous offending and certificates he’d completed whilst incarcerated. 

Riley-McDonald is required to undergo mental health, family violence and drug rehabilitation programs, and finance counselling once released on parole. 

Magistrate Marron disqualified him from owning an animal indefinitely, but he will be allowed access to animals in prison. Half of Riley-McDonald’s jail term was suspended, and his sentence was backdated to October 6.