'I'm gunna kill all your families': man set free after assaulting woman then police

LUCKY DAY:  A man has been released from prison on 12 month suspended sentence.
LUCKY DAY: A man has been released from prison on 12 month suspended sentence.

A MAN who assaulted police, resisted arrest and pushed a woman to the ground metres from the police station, was released from prison after his court appearance last week. 

Nichola Victor John Naimo was remanded in custody after his arrest in April but was released on Thursday in Orange Local Court after magistrate, Terry Lucas, handed him a 12-month suspended sentence. 

Court documents said Naimo was standing in Byng Street on January 30 near the courthouse when he saw a woman he knew across the road with a male friend. 

Naimo became aggressive and pushed her to the ground when she stood between Naimo and her friend in order to prevent a fight. 

A witness at the police station saw the assault and police attempted to arrest the 48-year-old but he continued to walk in the opposite direction. 

Eventually police took a hold of him and he began to struggle free and threaten the officers.

“I’m gunna kill all your families,” he told them. 

Officers said Naimo smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech. 

His solicitor Rebecca McIlveen said her client had struggled with drugs in the past and had replaced his drug habit with alcohol.

“To his credit and significant amount of determination ... he has been able to no longer immerse himself in drugs,” she said. 

“It is his belief if he can do that then he can knock the demon of drink on the head.”

She said his client had “hit rock bottom” since the offences, had lost his home and in prison he found out he had chronic liver damage. 

“That’s a further life and death incentive to give up alcohol,” she said. 

Naimo was also arrested for charges of intimidating police on April 9 at Inverell and he remained in custody since then. 

He was fined $400 in total and was given the suspended sentence for the charges which included resisting arrest, intimidating police, use of offensive language in a public place and assault on a police officer.