OUR SAY: Come clean, for the sake of neighbourly relationships

THE last thing anyone wants to do is to get into a protracted disagreement with their neighbour, but for a handful of residents in one Orange street that’s exactly what’s happened.

Several Windred Street residents have spent years pushing to have one of their neighbours clean up her front yard and remove the countless bags of rubbish, boxes and old cars that litter it.

Neighbours claim it’s not only an eyesore, it’s also a health hazard.

While the homeowner’s yard has been cleared on several occasions in the past nine years rubbish is mounting again, leaving many residents scratching their heads about what to do next.

One woman told the Central Western Daily she regrets the day she bought an investment property in the street as she continues to find it difficult to find tenants who want to live in close proximity to the messy yard.

This week Orange City Council has agreed to again bring in health inspectors to determine if the yard represents a health hazard.

If they decide the property is hazardous then a contract cleaning crew will be brought in to remove the rubbish and the homeowner asked to foot the bill.

While the homeowner has every right to store items on her own property, she also has an obligation to ensure her activities don’t impinge on her neighbours’ right to live in a healthy environment.

While not everyone has the same definition of what’s neat and tidy, there’s no doubt the front yard of the Windred Street property is unsightly.

This dispute has been raging for years and seems no closer to a resolution.

However, it’s good to see council staff  acting on the Windred Street residents' concerns and showing extraordinary perseverance when it comes to addressing the problem.


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