OUR SAY: Auxiliary delivers on surgical spirit for Orange Hospital

ORANGE’s new hospital might not yet command the same emotional attachment in the community as the ageing building in the centre of town it replaced but the efforts of volunteers demonstrates its good will has followed it to Forest Road.

It is a far larger, grander and more modern building but it still relies on a dedicated band of volunteers for fundraising and other tasks.

Chief among these is the fundraising effort of the hospital auxiliary, which manages to staff the hospital canteen.

Despite a volunteer workforce and seven-day trading the auxiliary managed to smash another financial record last year.

The $355,785 it donated to the hospital is a substantial amount by any measure and will enable the hospital management to purchase important pieces of equipment.

Without the auxiliary’s contribution not only would the hospital instrument committee’s wish list be that much longer but the hospital’s connection with the community would be poorer.

A major new hospital has meant a new way of running many services, but the role of the auxiliary has remained central to interaction with patients and visitors.

While thousands of people who have visited the canteen will applaud the cash donation and the thousands of hours of labour generously given, it is a service which needs more tangible support.

Like many volunteer organisations, its members are aging and new members are needed to keep the organisation running.

Each year many patients and their families write to the hospital and to this newspaper of the wonderful medical care provided there. 

One fitting way to show appreciation for the special place the new hospital is earning with the community might be to join these volunteers.

It is easy to say of any hospital it could use this or that piece of new equipment. It is another thing entirely to roll up your sleeves and help raise the money to buy it.