Woman on charge of stealing from bakery has a crummy record

OUT ON BAIL: A woman with a record as long as your arm has been granted bail.
OUT ON BAIL: A woman with a record as long as your arm has been granted bail.

A WOMAN who had more than “60 pages” of criminal appearances in court was granted bail on Thursday despite three additional charges including break and enter and drug possession. 

In Chantelle Smith’s 24 years she had managed to rack up dozens of charges for stealing, violence, robberies, break-ins, she had breaches of bail and had failed to appear in court on occasions. 

Police allege Smith broke into Roberts Bakery on May 18 and stole about $26 in cash, 124 discount vouchers, some paring knives, coins, a wallet and a box of A4 paper. 

Officers also allege the Bundarra Crescent resident  breached her bail by leaving her house outside of her allowed conditions and was caught with 0.04 grams of methylamphetamine or “ice”.

The last time Smith appeared before the magistrate, Terry Lucas, in Orange Local Court she begged, pleaded and cried for Mr Lucas to allow her bail and to give her another chance, police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin said. 

“She’s had her chance, you gave her one last chance,” he said. 

“She has 15 prior instances of breaching bail.” 

But under the new bail laws there is no presumption against bail for serious crimes and bail can only be refused if the alleged offender poses an “unacceptable risk” to the community. 

Smith’s solicitor Michael Madden argued the substance alleged to be ice had to be tested before it could be proved to be illicit drugs and that Mr Lucas had previously granted Smith bail on the alleged robbery, so he could only consider the bail application for the drugs charge. 

“Recently she has been trying to get back on track” Mr Madden said.

Smith, who appeared via audio visual link, thanked Mr Lucas for granting her bail until her next court appearance.

“You’ve been the bestest (sic) person for me ... you’ve helped me so much.

“I know that I’ve mucked up but I am trying,” she said.