OUR SAY: Attacks on manager show shoplifting is not a victimless crime

WHEN you front up for work every morning, you shouldn’t have to fear for your own health and safety.

It is alarming then to learn that one Orange retail manager, Leeann Whybrow, has been assaulted three times in the past six months for simply doing her job and confronting shoplifters in her store. 

During these attacks the aggressive thieves have grabbed her arm, pushed her to the floor and punched her in the face.

While the attacks may have left Miss Whybrow physically damaged, they haven’t dampened her resolve to stop shoplifters from ripping off her employer.

Shoplifting has become a major problem for the retail sector in Orange, impacting its bottom line and giving business owners yet another problem to deal with in these uncertain economic times.

Of course the losses incurred by retailers are inevitably passed onto consumers in the form of price rises.

Not only does the cost of consumer goods rise but store owners are also forced to spend more to combat shoplifting, in some cases employing security guards and purchasing CCTV cameras.

Shoplifting is often viewed as a victimless crime but clearly it is not.

It impacts each and every one of us, although maybe not as dramatically as it has impacted Miss Whybrow’s life.

There needs to be tougher penalties for shoplifters. There is no point handing out fines and giving these criminals a slap on the wrist.

Let’s send a message as a community that shoplifting is not acceptable and there are consequences.

Orange has so many wonderful charity organisation that are always looking for an extra pair of hands, wouldn’t it be great to see idle hands used for good instead of evil?


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