In the doghouse for pet neglect

MANY of us consider out pets to be members of our immediate family.

We frequently take our dogs with us when we go on outings; wether it’s a trip to the park or a quick trip to the shops.

In fact it’s not uncommon to find a puppy tied to a post outside the corner shop or sadly a dog locked in the back seat of a family sedan.

Even if you’re only five minutes don’t be tempted to leave your dog in your car because it doesn’t take long for the car to heat up so much that it’s an immediate threat to your dog’s life, possibly leading to dehydration or death

While leaving the car window open helps a little, it’s not enough.

Every year the RSPCA hears of countless animals that die in cars while owners shop, chat, run errands or do other meaningless things when compared with the life of their pet.

In fact according to the RSPCA an animal left inside a closed car on a hot summer’s day can die in less than six minutes.

The temperature inside a closed vehicle left in the sun can double within 12 minutes while the temperature inside the vehicle can reach around 73 degrees Celsius.

However, the dog may be dead by the time the temperature reaches 55 degrees. 

The animal will suffer horribly in its last minutes and that’s something no true dog lover wants for their pet.

There’s a moral obligation that comes with dog ownership and that’s to ensure your pet always has appropriate water and shelter.

If that’s not enough to make you think twice about your pooch’s wellbeing the fact that neglecting your pet’s basic needs is an offence under the NSW Companion Animals Act should.


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