A tall order for Perth beauties

After suffering a day of tape measures and top temperatures, 21 Perth beauties are one step closer to being Australia's Next Top Model.

Hundreds of girls flocked to Forrest Place for their chance at supermodel stardom, auditioning for judge Charlotte Dawson as well as David Cunningham and Jeni Rose from international modelling agency IMG.

After kicking off in Adelaide, Perth was the second stop on the recruitment run for ANTM, and while the judges were impressed by the 200 potential models, Dawson said the main thing they wanted was a few extra centimetres.

"The funny thing is we're seeing so many gorgeous girls but they're petite," said Dawson.

"What we need is someone who's 177, 179 [centimetres], size 8. It's kind of hard to find."

Hopefuls had to be at least 172cm to enter and, for good measure, a stand reminiscent of a rollercoaster's "you must be this tall to ride" sign had been erected to make sure girls met the requirement.

With an IMG international modelling contract on offer as prize for the first time, Dawson said they weren't just looking for a beautiful face, explaining that "pretty girls and models are not really the same thing".

"The difference this season is that we're really looking for someone who's going to be signed internationally so with a keen eye to Paris and New York," David Cunningham of IMG New York said.

"There's actually a few girls we saw today who we thought were really beautiful, but weren't quite right for us, for what we're looking for with a high fashion career. But we've recommended that they go to local agencies and start a career."

Taylah Roberts, 17, who made the top 100 in season seven, made it through to the second round of auditions and was recognised by Dawson.

"Going to Sydney was really good, all the girls were so nice. Everyone thinks it's going to be really bitchy, but when you get there, you're shy," she said.

Dawson heads up the judging panel this season with Alex Perry, but the third judge is yet to be revealed.

Jennifer Hawkins will host the series for the first time, filling the shoes of Sarah Murdoch.

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