Motorbike riders terrorise couple

A BURRENDONG Way couple endured a terrifying ordeal in the early hours of yesterday morning after a confrontation with three men turned violent when the men realised they had been filmed doing something illegal.

According to police three men aged 20, 21 and 22 were taking turns riding an unregistered motorbike along Burrendong Way at around 3am on Friday when they noticed a 65-year-old man was filming their activities.

Once the man returned to the home he occupied with a 58-year-old woman, the trio followed him, entered his yard and began throwing timber at the house before attempting to kick the back door down.

The couple immediately contacted police who eventually found the men in nearby Somerset Park and followed them to a house in Barcelona Way where they were arrested a short time later.

Canobolas Local Area Command duty officer Bruce Grassick said the middle-aged residents were “extremely fearful” throughout the ordeal.

“[However] A quick response from police prevented any injuries to the parties,” Inspector Grassick said.

Inspector Grassick said it appeared the three men had become “irate” when they noticed they were being filmed.

He warned people about the dangers of putting themselves in the middle of potentially volatile situations.

“In the first instance people should contact police, that’s the better course of action,” he said.

Inspector Grassick confirmed police were investigating whether the three men were intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Yesterday police charged the men with attempted aggravated break and enter with the intention of committing an assault, trespassing, intimidation and traffic-related offences.

They were given conditional bail to appear in Orange Local Court on December 18.

Three men have been charged over a confrontation with a Burrendong Way couple.

Three men have been charged over a confrontation with a Burrendong Way couple.