Kirstin waits for justice

THE daughter of an Orange councillor who had a beer bottle smashed over her head in Summer Street is frustrated her attacker has still not been arrested, three months after the sickening incident took place.

Kirstin Rossiter, 22, was beaten on the head with a green glass bottle four times before it smashed on the fifth blow.

The incident took place outside a Summer Street takeaway food shop in the early hours of Saturday, July 4.

Fourteen weeks later no one has been arrested despite a woman believed responsible for smashing the bottle over Ms Rossiter’s head doing so within range of Orange City Council’s closed circuit surveillance camera.

So much blood poured from Ms Rossiter’s head after the incident the footpath had to be closed to be professionally cleaned.

“I had five big cuts in my scalp, they eventually dug out four pieces [of glass] but there is still one in there,” she said.

“The doctor actually had to cut my head open to dig out the pieces. I still remember the next morning when I was washing my hair bits of glass were coming out of my head.”

Ms Rossiter was taken by ambulance to Orange Base Hospital where she was treated and has since undergone further procedures to repair damage from the attack.

“I don’t know why it has taken so long for something to happen,” Ms Rossiter told the Central Western Daily yesterday.

“The police contacted me a few days ago to say they are sorry it’s been dragged out. I don’t understand the delay, especially if the person was captured on CCTV.

“I’m now talking to my solicitor about victim’s compensation just because it’s cost me a fortune in CT scans, hospital bills, ambulance bills and doctors bills.”

Comment from Orange Police could not be obtained at the time of publication.

Newly released data from the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research found 72 women in Orange aged under 29 years were the victims of non-domestic violence related assaults during 2008.

Approximately 31 females were aged 18 and under.

Of the 337 non-domestic violence related assaults reported by males and females in Orange last year, 49 per cent were alcohol related.

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