DAY BY DAY: Customers come first as all-day parking reduced

For the past few weeks, customers may have had an easier time finding a park in McNamara Street.

The new sign in the McNamara Street car park.

The new sign in the McNamara Street car park.

The council has made changes to parking limits in the McNamara Street car park with the northern row of parking spaces being changed from all-day to one-hour parking.

In a letter to surrounding businesses, the council says it was the suggestion of a nearby business to allow customers to park there in order to have easy access to surrounding businesses in the area.

However, not everyone is happy with the decision, namely employees of surrounding businesses who already face a parking battle each day in a bid to secure an all-day spot.

No one wants to take parks from customers but there are employees who find themselves leaving work every 55 minutes to move their car to various one hour spots in a race against parking rangers. 

The reduced all-day parks come at a time when workers need access to more free all-day parking in a well-lit location they feel safe walking to and from in the dark, with smooth maintained footpaths.