Council candidate profiles: who’s running and why you should vote for them

DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Our profiles of the Orange City Council election candidates will help you decide who to cast your vote for on September 9.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Our profiles of the Orange City Council election candidates will help you decide who to cast your vote for on September 9.

AS we head towards the Orange City Council election we’ve asked all 88 candidates to tell you a little bit about themselves and their policies.

It is our hope that this information will help you – our readers and this city’s voters – make an informed decision when you go to the polls on Saturday, September 9.

The information we requested from the candidates and the questions we put to them were gathered from our readers and compiled by our journalists. We believe they will give you the clearest possible understanding of where the candidates stand on the issues that matter to you.

The questions address issues such as roads, rates, the Northern Distributor Road, the re-zoning at Orange Airport, what to do with the former Electrolux factory and more.

These profiles were offered to the candidates at no cost, and with no obligation to reply.

To read a candidate’s profile, click on their name in the list below. We will links to the profiles as they are submitted by the candidates.

  • Ticket A (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party): Sam Romano, Mario Previtera, Stephanie Medcalf, Connie Barbagallo, John La Spina, Michael Dean.
  • Ticket B: Ron Gander, Justeene Cleary, Janelle Roarty Calder, Alyson Yager, Tammy Warburton, Michael Middleton, Peter Calder.
  • Ticket C: Jason Hamling, Genya Miller, Kyle Manning, Ellen Vaz, Alicia McDonnell, Melissa Hamling.
  • Ticket D: Gerald Power, Pamela Boney, Michael Seccombe, Mary Croaker, Sharon Carr, Craig Booth.
  • Ticket E: Glenn Taylor, Brock Skelton, Nicole Herridge, Teresa Brakenridge, Charlie Ginty, Jim Finn.
  • Ticket F: Tony Mileto, Paula Townsend, Colin Young, Jason Wright, Rose Hodgins, Kerry Rains.
  • Ticket G: Bernard Fitzsimon, Ben Miller, Melissa Hatton, Rajka Maric, Robert Vaz, Laura Shore.
  • Ticket H: Luke Sangar, Leiarna Dunworth, Richard Eggleston, Sue Duchnaj, Will Ferguson, Tracey Zelukovic.
  • Ticket I (Greens): Stephen Nugent, Janelle Baylis, Anwen Carney, Angeline Shoveller, David Mallard, Samuel Baylis.
  • Ticket J: Scott Munro, Jason Vials, Mel Flannery, Tracy Wilkinson, Karlene Irwin, Robyn Chapman.
  • Ticket K: Joanne McRae, Rod Bloomfield, Darryl Curran, Tony Healey, Cheng Zhang, Alison Bennett.
  • Ticket L: Jeff Whitton, Gavin Hillier, Libby Brown, Nino Belmonte, Heather Lean, Allan Dhatt.
  • Ticket M: Kevin Duffy, Jane Patteson, Graeme Judge, Richard Clifford, Darren Johnson, Peter Martin.
  • Independents: Lynn Bocking, Lennon Cook, Chris Gryllis, Matthew Chisholm, Reg Kidd, Gail Copping, Russell Turner, James Newman, Joel Everett.

There are 10 confirmed candidates for the position of Orange mayor. They are as follows:

  • Stephen Nugent.
  • Reg Kidd.
  • Russell Turner.
  • Chris Gryllis.
  • Tony Mileto.
  • Scott Munro.
  • Kevin Duffy.
  • Paula Townsend.
  • Jeff Whitton.
  • Ron Gander.
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