OUR TOWN, OUR UNIVERSITY: Teachers trade lectures for notepads at forum

Academic staff from across the Charles Sturt University (CSU) footprint will converge on Orange this week for the annual CSU learning and teaching forum, where teachers become students.

The theme for CSUed 2017 is ‘quality learning and teaching – transforming our teaching on campus and online’.

The focus is on building capacity in students, staff and communities through integrating CSU values into teaching practice, creating a distinctive student experience through implementing the university’s graduate learning outcomes, and transforming the experience of both online and on campus students. 

The program will commence with a workshop on embedding sustainability practices into courses and finish with a discussion on creating distinctive learning content and experiences.  

Over three days, the forum will cover a range of topics including how to take advantage of digital resources to improve teaching, respond better and more quickly to feedback and analyse results; how to make sure the characteristics identified as being ‘typical’ of a CSU graduate are developed in every graduate; how to modify teaching to meet the needs of students with different backgrounds and levels of preparation; how to ensure students have a great university experience regardless of whether they are learning entirely in the online environment or on campus, or a mixture of both.

Integration of CSU values identified in the university’s recently updated strategy – insightful, inclusive, impactful and inspiring – will be a key focus throughout the forum. 

CSUed is a valuable opportunity for staff to meet face-to-face to share experiences, new knowledge and innovative practice.