Letters to the Editor: Airport plans should never be allowed to take flight

INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH OPINION: "I am unable to see the planning logic behind the Orange City Council’s proposal." Photo: FILE PHOTO
INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH OPINION: "I am unable to see the planning logic behind the Orange City Council’s proposal." Photo: FILE PHOTO

LIKE many Orange region residents I have spoken with I am unable to see the planning logic behind the Orange City Council’s (OCC) proposal to rezone Clergate industrial land to residential while at the same time rezoning water catchment environmental management land near the Orange Regional Airport to industrial.

One reason given for the Clergate rezoning is that there is no buffer to nearby residential zoned land. This could be easily solved by using part of the industrial zone as a buffer.

A second reason given is that the land hasn’t been able to be sold as industrial land. This despite the land being very well located with respect to transport, power, water and communications infrastructure.

Clearly there is no pressing demand for broad acre industrial land near infrastructure in the Orange region, a fact further demonstrated by OCC’s inability to sell the former saleyard site and Blayney council’s slow progress in marketing its industrial land.  

The proposed Orange Regional Airport industrial zoning, which presently has no suitable road, power, water or communications infrastructure, is thus very obviously not needed.

It would be better planning and make much more economic sense to maintain the Clergate industrial zoning and abandon the environmentally unsound and infrastructure poor airport proposal.

John Holliday, Huntley


JOAN Brown’s relief at finally having a local member to represent the electorate appears to be premature.  

Mr Donato put governments on notice that they need to listen and represent their constituents.  

Eight days after his election, there were no contact details for Mr Donato on the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers website. They’ve told me it’s a good idea and they'll have a think about it.

His office gave me an email address but suggested that social media was the easiest way to get in touch with him. In any case, it will all be sorted out once his office is up and running, probably next month.

Don’t hold your breath Joan.

Kath Logan


AFTER making time to visit our newly opened Orange Regional Museum, I must admit that I was most pleasantly surprised with the total display.

The display includes historical aspects of our district, in keeping with its regional focus.

I hope that all local and district residents, as well as the many visitors to Orange, will make a visit to see this excellent display.

Congratulations are passed on to the many people who contributed to this very first display in the Orange Regional Museum. 

Keith Curry


THERE is no doubt that the Trump effect will be evident throughout Australia as city-centric governments continue to ignore the plight of regional areas.

The Baird Government is spending like a drunken sailor in not well planned and executed construction in Sydney and nothing outside the Cumberland Plain, all this supposedly paid for through the sale of income producing assets, but none of the money being spent in regional areas.

Bruce Clydsdale