'It was very stupid': drink-driver loses license and cops $1400 fines

ANDREW Ian Homes decided to represent himself in Orange Local Court for a mid-range drink-driving charge. 

He was sentenced to seven months disqualification and $1400 in fines. 

He told magistrate Terry Lucas he could not remember making the decision to drive and that his “judgement was affected by alcohol”.

“I understand it was very stupid,” he said.

“I had the potential to kill someone or myself or cripple or cause damage. I regret it.”

Homes was pulled over for a random breath test at 2.40am in Moulder Street on Sunday, March 30. 

Police said the 26-year-old was “well affected” by alcohol and had slurred and slow speech as well as red, bloodshot eyes.

The Molong Road resident was arrested and taken back to the station were he recorded a blood-alcohol reading of 0.139, which was “towards the higher scale” of mid-range drink-driving. 

Mr Lucas said he could not fathom why people drove after a drink and he certainly could not fathom why people drove at 2.40am after a drink. 

“Anyone driving at that time of night is going to be breath tested,” he said. 

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