Showstopper: radical parking plan for Leeds Parade and the Orange Show

THE speed limit around the Orange Showground will be dropped to 20km/h as part of a radical temporary traffic plan for the duration of the Orange Show.

Parking will be allowed on both sides of Leeds Parade in the showground block during show.

The speed limit will revert to 50km/h when the show sessions conclude.

Orange City Council spokesman Allan Reeder said council staff consulted with Orange police officers to produce the temporary traffic control plan, following a request for alternative parking arrangements from the Orange Show Society.

“It’s the first time the move has been officially trialled and the success of the change will be reviewed after the show,” he said.

Mr Reeder said the aim of the trial was to provide extra short-term parking during a period of high demand in the area and to avoid illegal parking by drivers.

Orange Show Society  president Peter Naylor said the idea behind an initial plan to allow parking on both sides of Leeds Parade during the show was not only to create more parking but to make the site more accessible.

“It’s hard for some people to walk a long way, so we put to council a plan that would allow parking not only on the showground side of Leeds Parade, but on the other side,” he said.

Mr Naylor said concerns over traffic volumes in the area during the show have changed due to the use of the northern distributor road.

“A lot of vehicles just don’t come down that road any more - even the uni traffic uses the distributor now,” he said

Mr Naylor said the  proposal had been  thought through thoroughly by the Orange Show Society before the committee approached council.

“For the last two years we have been trying to think of ways to make the area more accessible for people wanting to park closer to the showground,” he said.

Mr Naylor said any concerns over people crossing the road near the showground at night in front of cars can be put to rest by the new and temporary speed limit.

“Vehicles will have to slow to 20km/h,” he said.

Mr Reeder said council and police are encouraging drivers to be mindful of the temporary limit.

“Parents should also  make sure children are supervised when walking to and from the showground, especially near the roadway in Leeds Parade,” he said.

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