GALLERY: Move over 'Mr Belmonte Senior', Hugo bowls them over in Sydney

INTERNATIONAL tenpin bowling star Jason Belmonte was overshadowed at the Australian Junior Championships at Sydney's Tenpin City this week.

The Orange product was invited to the championships to bowl the first ball at the opening ceremony of the President's Shield.

In front of a packed house, "Belmo" stepped on to the approach but someone else quickly stole the spotlight.

Belmonte's two-year-old son, Hugo, bowled the first ball and was given a rousing cheer by the spectators for his impressive delivery.

It looks like dad might need to watch out.

"We teed it up where the MC was going to introduce "Mr Belmonte" to bowl the first ball and everyone was under the assumption it would be me," Jason explained.

"But Hugo ran up to me and I handed him the ball.

"It was a really proud moment. He did his thing, he knocked over a few pins and it was really cute."

Of course, "Mr Belmonte" impressed the crowd.

"The crowd erupted. They thought it was awesome," the proud father said.

"Hugo thought it was awesome.

"It's something I was never able to do when I was two - open a national championships."

It sounds like Hugo is already showing some good form on the lanes.

"He's got swagger," Jason laughed.

"He knows when he's bowled a good ball."

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