It’s timber time again: firewood available from state forests

PERMITS allowing people to collect firewood from Central West state forests are now available after good rain brought the region’s fire threat period to an end.

Forestry Corporation of NSW’s fire and stewardship supervisor Melanie Kloot-wijk said people must have a permit to collect firewood from a state forest.

“We’ve had good rain recently and the weather is starting to cool down, so the threat of forest fires in the Central West has passed and people can now start collecting fallen timber to use as firewood over the winter months ahead,” Ms Klootwijk said.

“You must have a permit to collect firewood from state forests, which you canarrange online at

“The permit allows you to collect firewood for personal use from certain areas of the forest. When you arrange a permit, you’ll be able to access maps detailing where firewood is available.

“If you’re collecting firewood from a state forest, please remember that you can only collect fallen timber – the permits do not allow you to cut down any standing trees, even if they are dead.

“Some forests were affected by fires in the recent fire season, so if you are collecting firewood from forests that have been burnt in the past few months, such as Newnes State Forest, please stick to the main roads and tracks as there may still be damaged or falling limbs and trees in other areas.

“For your safety, make sure you pay attention to any warning signs and notices.”

Permits will be available until the end of September. Permits are not issued during fire season, which runs from the beginning of October until the end of March.

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