Scott draws De Long bow: fake name doesn't fool police, foul mouth doesn't impress

WHEN Matthew Thomas Scott’s mother answered the door and police asked to speak with a Robert De Long, she had no idea who they were talking about. 

The lie Scott told police and the “abominable” language he used landed him locked up for four hours and with hundreds of dollars in fines. 

The 23-year-old plumber drove his car to a vacant block in Lombardy Way on Saturday, December 7.

Police facts said officers received complaints of a ute doing burnouts and when they arrived at the property they found four men sitting in the ute tray, drinking. 

Scott told police he and his friends wanted to listen to music and drink without disturbing his neighbours and told officers his name was Robert De Long, but gave his correct address. 

Officers asked the men to take the keys out of the ute’s ignition, lock the car, leave the block and only return when they were sober. 

Police waited nearby and saw the ute drive off and they lost sight of it behind a fence. 

They arrived at Scott’s house and arrested him after he swore violently and consistently at officers while using offensive hand gestures, all in the presence of his parents.

In Orange Local Court last Thursday, his solicitor Neil Jones asked the magistrate Terry Lucas to be lenient with Scott because police had locked him in a cell for hours and placed him on conditional bail which was “unnecessary”.

“By the time he was arrested for the abysmal language he used they were aware of his name and address, they could have just given him a CAN (court attendance notice) but instead... he spent four and a half hours in custody which was an eye-opener for my client,” Mr Jones said. 

Police put Scott on bail which meant he could not drink nor go to a licensed premises since the day of his arrest. 

“The police well and truly fixed him.”

Mr Lucas said he would deal with Scott “very leniently” despite his “ridiculous actions” and fined him $200 for the offensive language and $200 for giving a false name.

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