'I'm going to headbutt you': man pleads guilty to courtroom assault of police officer

DOUGLAS Nigel Roberts pleaded guilty to a courtroom drama that played out in January and put a female police officer in hospital.

Roberts was refused bail in Orange Local Court on January 2 for domestic violence related charges and he blamed the female police officer for his fate.

He attacked her, split her lip and kicked a male officer in the stomach. 

In court on Thursday, police prosecutor Sergeant Andy Bobin called for jail time for the 32-year-old and ordered a pre-sentence report be completed before his next court appearance. 

At around 10.30am on January 2, Roberts started hitting the dock and swearing at deputy registrar Peter Tudor, who had denied the Kotoa Place resident bail.

Roberts jumped up on the dock and the female officer repeatedly asked him to sit down. 

He refused and another officer called for back-up, while the two police officers attempted to hold him by grabbing his arms.

He screamed at the woman and pulled her towards him.

“I’m going to f*****g  headbutt you, you were the one that said those things about me so I didn’t get bail,” he said to the female police officer. 

He head butted her in the face and she started bleeding immediately.

Officers eventually subdued Roberts and carried him out of the courtroom but, again, he managed to free himself just enough to lash out and kick a constable in the stomach. 

Roberts will be sentenced at a later date.

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