Guess what came in the mail? -Nicole's right royal occasion

IT’S an invitation that came as a complete surprise, and has made Nicole Sugden’s girlfriends green with envy.

Next Thursday Ms Sugden will be a special guest at royal reception for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Opera House and she’s beside herself with excitement

“Mum and I were opening the mail and we couldn’t believe it - I think we read it about five times before it sank in,” she said.

Ms Sugden immediately went on the internet to find out what was appropriate day wear after receiving explicit instructions about the protocol associated with attending a reception for the future king of England and his wife.

Now in the final stages of her PhD which she is completing through Charles Sturt University at Bathurst, Ms Sugden says she’s overwhelmed she was nominated by her university.

“My girlfriends couldn’t believe it when I showed them the invitation and they said to get plenty of photos,” she said.

“But of course the rules are quite strict - you can’t take a handbag in or a camera.” 

Ms Sugden will be accompanied by her mother to the reception.

“When I rang and explained mum is my carer and she is the one who has to feed me and give me a drink of course they said she would be allowed in,” she said.

Nicole said her dad and grandparents are thrilled for her.

“Dad’s a bit devastated he can’t go but it’s all in good humour - he’s showing everyone the invitation,” she said.

Ms Sugden was already a royal watcher before the invitation arrived.

“I watched Will and Kate’s wedding with my girlfriends and I’d love to see little baby George, but I’m sure he won’t be at the reception,” she said.

The invitation caps off an exciting year so far mixing with celebrities after she met world champion tennis player 

Roger Federer in Brisbane early this year, and Oscar winning musician turned actor Jared Leto, three weeks ago at a VIP event in Sydney.

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