Search uncovers weapon

POLICE found more than they bargained for when they searched Terry Lee Van Gulik after they saw him leave a drug dealer’s house. 

Officers stopped the 39-year-old, of Dalton Street, near the Robin Hood Hotel on December 29, 2013 to search his bag and found a 13-centimetre blade with knuckle dusters in the handle. 

They also found a methamphetamine smoking pipe and a cone piece used to smoke marijuana.

He was fined $800 in Orange Local Court for possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing equipment for drug administration.

But he was also in court for a separate incident.

On November 23, 2013 he was seen by police fleeing a car that was involved in an accident in Matthews Avenue.

He wasn’t wearing any shoes. A short time later he was seen in Dalton Street, again without shoes.

Police approached him and he started frantically deleting messages from his phone. 

He then put a small, clear, resealable bag in his mouth.

Police facts said officers had to resort to force to stop him from swallowing the bag because they thought it might poison him, and  eventually he spat out 0.1 grams of “poor quality amphetamine”. 

He was fined another $800. 

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