PHOTOS: Vandals strike twice: kart club and harness racing club trashed again

VANDALS have targeted Orange Kart Club and the Orange Harness Racing Club twice in the past two weeks, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Orange Kart Club vice president Col Jones is at a loss to explain why anyone would smash windows, break down doors and leave a fridge door open, spoiling the club canteen’s supply of steaks and bacon.

The first of the vandalism incidents, at both the Orange Kart Club and Orange Harness Racing Club, occurred sometime between Sunday, March 30 and the morning of Monday, March 31. 

The most recent attack occurred about the same time as the first, sometime between Sunday afternoon and 8.15am yesterday.

Mr Jones believes the same people are responsible for both vandalism attacks and, after examining the footprints at the scene, estimates it is the work of a group of teenagers.

“I was absolutely gutted when this happened, but I’m doubly gutted now it’s happened a second time,” he said.

“We’ve got insurance, but that will only cover part of it.

“We’re a non-profit organisation with around 100 members. Anything we have to spend will have to come out of club members’ pockets.”


Mr Jones does not understand why the vandals smashed the fridge door to grab a can of drink when there was a box of drink cans on the floor.

“This is just useless vandalism,” he said.

Mr Jones estimates it will cost thousand of dollars to repair the damage to the hot water system, doors and walls.

He said five fire extinguishers will also need to be refilled or replaced.

“They only really stole a little bit of stuff, but they caused a lot of damage,” Mr Jones said.

He said club members planned to meet this week to see if they were able to stage an event at the site on Saturday night.

Orange Harness Racing Club president Frank McRae said the club’s facilities had experienced minor damage in the previous years, however,  vandalism appeared to be escalating.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s just destruction,” he said.

“We’re going to have to put in hidden cameras to catch them.

“At this stage looking at the footprints and the cans of soft drink that have been left around it’s probably kids that are doing it.”

Mr McRae would like to see those responsible brought to justice.

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