Thrills but no spills as Big Air School returns to Orange with a bang

THE secret to the perfect back flip is to have no regard for your personal safety. 

Children as young as six tore around the Orange skate park on Saturday at breakneck pace, twirling, twisting and turning on their scooters to the surprisingly relaxed expressions from parents who have long since resigned themselves to the nature of the sport. 

For 11-year-old Pascal Berry 360 degrees twists she completed on ramps at the Big Air School held at the skate park was no different to the topsy, turvy moves she practises every day at home. 

She was the only girl who competed in the over 11 competition and while she said she would love it if more girls joined the sport, she felt a little special.

“The boys really help and a lot of the boys give me confidence,” she said. 

Orange BMX rider Dan Baker was a huge hit with the teenagers. 

Gasps and cries of “totes awesome” were mumbled by young boys holding their scooters and watching in awe as the professional rider seemingly casually flipped his bike in the air and pulled it upright with millimetres to spare before his teeth met the pavement.


Baker was 15 when he started out riding at the Orange skate park and since then has toured the world. 

He joined up with the touring Big Air School just for the Orange leg to give back to his community.

“The message is all about safety to make sure they wear their helmets,” he said.

“I used to ride around all the time without a helmet ... I lost a lot of teeth.”

Baker taught aspiring scooter riders, skaters and bike riders a few basic tricks to take back and practise at home and said based on the talent he saw from the kids at the Orange Big Air Show he would not be surprised if a few made it in to professionals. 

Big Air School DJ Lyndon Franks had been touring with the group across regional NSW and said the Orange riders were some of the most enthusiastic he had seen.

“They’re really great and supportive of each other,” he said.

“They all clap when each rider finishes and they’re all really keen.”

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