'You really didn't think this is too serious': Man four times the legal limit

MAGISTRATE Terry Lucas told Nicholas John Petrie he must have been “loaded” the day before he blew high-range on a roadside breath test.

Mr Lucas also said he understood Petrie felt bad for what he had done, but it must have been the third time he had felt bad because he’d been convicted of high-range and mid-range drink-driving previously. 

Police facts said Petrie’s blood alcohol reading was 0.208. 

Solicitor Andrew Rolfe said his client had gone camping on February 19 and had been drinking all day but slept from 8.30pm to 8am.

Petrie then drove to work, left work and drove to the Royal Hotel where he had one beer at 2.20pm on February 20. 

“It’s a variation on the morning after the night before scenario,” Mr Rolfe said. 

“People drink heavily, sleep and get about their other business.”

The 33-year-old, of Cassey Crescent, was pulled over at 3.15pm at a stationary random breath test site on Burrendong Way. 

Police facts said Petrie was surprised he had blown over the legal limit. 

His last drink-driving offence was in 2009 and he was high-range in 2005. 

Mr Lucas sentenced him to a 12-month suspended jail term and three years off the road. 

“It appears you really didn’t think this is too serious,” Mr Lucas told Petrie. 

Mr Rolfe asked Mr Lucas to consider the minimum disqualification period of two years off the road but Mr Lucas declined given his history.

“If you commit any further offence in the next 12 months that bond will be executed,” Mr Lucas said.

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