Barnes given nine months, but time served means he'll be out in a month

MITCHELL Norman Barnes is due to be a free man in less than a month after he was sentenced in Orange Local Court on Thursday for shooting at a property owner at Springside in May. 

Magistrate Terry Lucas sentenced the 19-year-old to nine months in prison for the shooting and six months for possessing methamphetamines but it meant, with time served, he will be eligible for release on April 23. 

Barnes had been in custody since his arrest in June for shooting at the property owner and was charged with possession of drugs in October but he had a brief stint on bail and a stint in rehab. 

“You pleaded guilty and that I have to take into account,” Mr lucas said. 

Barnes and co-accused Benjamin James Woods trespassed on a Springside property to illegally hunt kangaroos. 

When the property owner saw the men he chased them. 

Barnes pointed a rifle at the man and told him to “back off”.

Woods fled into the forest but Barnes stopped and demanded the man drop his mobile phone, he then smashed the phone, told the man to “back away” and fired from less than four metres away, which caused gravel and dirt to spray on the man’s legs. 

Woods received a $600 fine for possessing an unauthorised firearm, $600 for trespassing and $300 for illegally hunting. 

Mr Lucas said he would not consider a jail term for Woods because his record “was not that bad”. 

His solicitor Neil Jones said his client was not the kind of person to hang out in the streets and cause problems in the community.

“In years gone by, when I was a boy unlicensed shooting was the norm.. now it is a serious offence,” he said. 

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