POLL: Canobolas student responds to claims of 'public humiliation' over uniform standards

THE following comment was posted under the name 'A Future Leader' in response to the story on the Central Western Daily website headed 'Students claim dressing down over school uniform blitz':

I am a Year 10 student at the Canobolas Rural Technology High School.

I'm a member of the SRC and a very proud student of the school.

I would just like to say the 'allegations' made against our school by a student or two have been blown way out of proportion.

I have a voice and it will be heard and I'm definitely not going to sit and do nothing when Canobolas is a great school.

With the uniform issue, students are not being bullied and embarrassed I know this because I'm the leader of the anti-bullying campaign we run at our school and am highly involved in the systems we run, of a morning assembly students that are out of uniform are asked to go out the front after the assembly to be put into correct uniform, to be given the correct jumpers, shirts, etc.

They are also reminded if they cannot afford the uniform then to go talk to our Student support officer and an arrangement would be sorted out to get them the correct uniform.

As for things being too expensive, what's the difference between and $120 pair of runners and a $60 pair of black leather school shoes?

Canobolas is a good school and we want to take pride in it, and to look like a school we have a uniform that is classy and is something we can take pride in when everyone wears it.

"To look like a school we have a uniform that is classy and is something we can take pride in when everyone wears it"

It represents our school, our students and our education.

My mother is a single mum and I still manage to have the appropriate uniforms for the school week and the correct shoes.

I'd just like to say also that to the students that went to the newspaper about this you should be ashamed of yourselves.

We as a student body work so hard to make our school a good school to go to and a place to learn and for you to ruin our reputation just because you choose not to wear a uniform, does not make you look grand, you could of delt with this issue in a much more respectful and smarter way.


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