Look out teachers: It's not just students whose dress is under scrutiny

From term two, teachers in Orange’s state schools will have to get ready for work with a new dress code in mind.

The dress code, which will apply to more than 70,000 public teachers in NSW, is the first of its kind in the state. 

Previously, the guidelines for dress were more general and did not form part of the code of conduct.

In announcing the changes, Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said wearing appropriate dress helps teachers maintain respect and credibility with students, parents and the broader community.

Mr Piccoli said the code was drafted in response to calls from principals for greater clarity on what constituted acceptable attire.

Staff have been told male employees are required to wear a collared shirt, while female employees must not wear revealing clothes such as those exposing bare midriffs, strapless tops or dresses, or clothes that may be construed as suggestive or offensive.

All staff are prohibited from wearing inappropriate clothes such as singlets, t-shirts, tracksuits or rubber thongs, except for sport and organised physical activities, ripped or dirty clothes or clothes with inappropriate slogans such as advertising for tobacco and alcohol. 

Employees have also been told to wear professional attire for formal school or departmental events, parent teacher interviews and presentation or awards assemblies which require them to interact with members of the public.

Mr Piccoli has determined that employees must ensure their personal appearance and presentation are clean, tidy and appropriate for their work role.


They must also comply with relevant workplace health and safety regulations. 

A departmental spokesperson said what the minister has done by creating a dress code for employees is taken the previous guidelines and defined them to become more specific.

Prior to term two, the requirements were that the appearance and dress of departmental employees should be appropriate to their duties and the people with whom they are dealing.

Staff were told they had an obligation to dress appropriately in a way that upholds the good reputation of the department. 

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