Lorin’s aim for cultural change drawn from childhood experience with bullies

BLIND guitarist and motivational speaker Lorin Nicholson says he’s well qualified to speak to school students about being bullied, having been a victim himself for much of his school life.

Mr Nicholson’s trip to Orange, Condobolin and Narromine this week will allow him to draw on his own experience as he presents his See Sharp-BULLYcheck program to country students.

Mr Nicholson’s motivation seminar talks about the negative impact of bullying and ways to respect difference, create inclusive schools and communities, the importance of youth leadership and striving for excellence.

“I know from firsthand experience how devastating its effects are, not only right then at the time, but it also impacts upon a person’s self esteem for years into the future,” Mr Nicholson said.

“I hope no one has to go through what I went through, that’s why it’s so important for us to respect everyone, including those who may be different.”

“If blindness has taught me anything it is this ... if you have a dream and set your mind to it, you can achieve anything"

Mr Nicholson said he wanted to remind people that bullying was a problem no matter where you live.

“Bullying effects all communities from the city to the bush, from two-year olds to 82 year olds, it just manifests itself in many ways, each just as damaging as another,” he said.

“However my aim isn’t just to bring hope to victims, nor chastise the bullies themselves, but to change the attitude and behaviour of all the bystanders, particularly in schools, and furthermore bring about real cultural change in the broader community.”

Orange Ex-Services’ Club’s chief executive Cameron Provost said his club had helped fund Mr Nicholson’s visit to Orange in the hope students would modify their behaviour after participating in the program.

“Bullying is a matter for the whole community and individuals must aware of the consequences of such behaviour,” he said.


“Orange Ex-Services’ Club is an integral part of the Orange community and wants to help stamp out bullying by helping to educate school students.”

This week Mr Nicholson will visit Bowen Public School, Orange Public School, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Calare Public School and Orange High School.

Mr Nicholson said he wants those who attend his seminars to remember “that your attitude and the choices you make today, will shape who you become in the future”. 

“If blindness has taught me anything it is this ... if you have a dream and set your mind to it, you can achieve anything,” he said.


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