Moulder Park dumping ground light on bins: Bev's bid to clean up park

RESIDENTS in the Moulder Park area say a lack of garbage bins has turned the area into a dumping ground for rubbish.

Bev Alexander-Fisher, who regularly walks the circuit from Elephant Park down to Moulder Park, said she frequently saw rubbish, shopping trolleys and old prams left in the waterway and recreational area around the park and barbecue in National Avenue.

“There’s always rubbish around that area,” Ms Alexander-Fisher said.

“I’ve spoken to [Orange City] council about the fact that we need a couple of extra bins in the park but nothing has been done.”

Ms Alexander-Fisher said the rubbish was being left by Moulder Park users as well as people exiting the Orange Aquatic Centre.

“People leaving the pool drop things near the barbecue, and there’s no bin there,” she said.

“I think if there’s a barbecue, there then there needs to be a bin.”

Ms Alexander-Fisher said the problem was ongoing.

She organised a group from the Orange Ratepayers Association to clean up the Moulder Creek area in January last year, having already sent a letter to council in late 2012 requesting more bins in Moulder Park.

During last year’s trip the group found shopping trolleys, used nappies, clothes, litter, a broken park bench and a stroller.

Orange City Council spokesman Allan Reeder said the council aimed to create spaces in local parks “that encourage residents to use them for recreation”. 

“The barbecue in Moulder Park alongside National Avenue attracts locals, travellers and visitors to the pool,” he said.

“There is a bin post nearby the picnic table but the bin had been removed and not replaced. It will be replaced in the coming days.”

Mr Reeder said if there wasn’t a bin within a short distance of a picnic table, it was reasonable to expect people to take responsibility for themselves and take their litter away with them.

“Council contractors clean up litter in Elephant Park and near the skate park every week,” he said.

“The lower level of litter found in National Avenue means that area is cleaned up fortnightly.”

Mr Reeder said dumping trolleys in local creeks was a widespread problem. 

“The utility that’s used by park staff is fitted with a winch to help pull trolleys out of local creeks,” he said.

Mr Reeder confirmed council had received a letter from Ms Alexander-Fisher in 2012 about the lack of bins in that park and other issues.

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