Unregistered player leads to forfeit: Honest mistake costs Kinross-CYMS

KINROSS-CYMS’ start to the women’s Premier League Hockey season went from bad to worse during the week.

After losing upwards of seven regular first graders from their 2013 campaign, the green and golds fought tooth and nail against Bathurst City in last weekend’s season opener.

They went down 1-0, but after the revelation they had fielded an unregistered player the scoreline was revised to 5-0, as the match is now considered a forfeit.

On top of that, Kinross-CYMS lose four competition points, meaning they head into today’s round two clash with Bathurst Souths in last place on minus four points.

Coach Pete Shea said the situation was less than ideal, but insisted his troops were not distracted by the misgivings.

“This week certainly hasn’t been ideal,” he said.

“I don’t think any of that has or will distract them. I think they’re distracted a bit by our lack of a stable team [but] we’ve got a few more coming in this week. We’re struggling for numbers again, so hopefully they’re all registered.”

Shea put the debacle down to an honest organisational mistake.

“We made the mistake, unfortunately, it was an honest mistake though,” he said.

“Unfortunately the system doesn’t cater for honest mistakes, it is black and white, there’s not much we can do but wear it.”

Today’s clash with Souths will be a huge test for his team, Shea said, before explaining the simplistic nature of Kinross-CYMS’ game plan.

“We’ll go back to basics,” Shea said.

“We’ll play as simply as we can and try to get over the line, there’s not much more to it really. We can’t exactly go any lower than minus four.”

Kinross-CYMS take on St Pat’s at Bathurst’s Bob Roach Field, from 12.20pm.

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